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Pao Pao seeks insights from Line 21 coordinator

Pao Pao, an internet news platform supported by Greatfire.org, RNW, Hong Kong Independent Media and the China Digital Times among others, has sought insights from Nicholas Dynon about the use of the term “terrorism” in reportage on violent incidents in China. For readers of Chinese, the report is available on the Pao Pao website.


Eight police station ‘attackers’ shot dead in China’s Xinjiang

Agence France-Presse (AFP) has sought insights from Line 21 Project coordinator Nicholas Dynon following the most recent incident of reported violence in China’s Xinjiang Autonomous Region. Read a copy of the article published in the West Australian newspaper / Yahoo7 here.

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Xinjiang in China (Photo credit: \!/_PeacePlusOne)

CNN – Chinese police in crackdown on ‘online jihad’

Line 21 Project coordinator Nicholas Dynon was interviewed this afternoon for an article published by CNN this evening on the recent Chinese crackdown on ‘online jihad’ in the Xinjiang Autonomous Region. Read the article at http://edition.cnn.com/2013/10/09/world/asia/china-xinjiang-arrests/

Inside CNN

Inside CNN (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

China’s “war on terror” in Xinjiang

Separatist activity has long been a feature at the ethno-geographic margins of mainland China. In the autonomous regions of Tibet and Xinjiang, uprisings, riots and civil violence have met with successive waves of crackdowns for decades. The labeling of such violence as acts of international terrorism, however, is a relatively recent feature of Beijing’s stance on ethnic strife… read more at The Diplomat Magazine