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Bottling the Negativity: Fiji Water Brands Fiji

English: Logo of Fiji Water, a bottled water c...

Logo of Fiji Water (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In this post, Line 21 Project’s Nicholas Dynon takes a detour to tropical Fiji and asks what’s with all the negativity over the islands’ famous bottled water brand.

There is a widely acknowledged reciprocity in branding between product and place of origin. It’s called mutual image transference. In the case of New Zealand, the ‘100% pure’ brand both benefits—and benefits from—the reputation of key kiwi exports like infant milk formula. It’s a similar story in Fiji. A 2012 NZ Aid report, for instance, states that Fiji Water has done much to promote the brand of ‘Fiji’ globally, even if many of its consumers don’t even know where Fiji is.

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