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The Fiji Airways Re-launch & the Decline of Region Branding

Fiji Airways

The success of Air Pacific’s relaunch as Fiji Airways speaks loudly to the declining use of the Pacific as a brand.

In 1971, Fiji Airways made the strategic decision to forsake the Fiji brand and rebrand as Air Pacific. In 2012, after over four decades of operation as Air Pacific, the airline reversed history, boldly effecting a total rebrand and returning to its former name. A year on and the Fiji Airways redux is proving an overwhelming success, but rebrands never come cheap nor without overwhelming risk. So, what led the airline to forsake its 40 year-old regional brand in favor of a new national identity?

At over five and a half thousand miles from either Los Angeles or Beijing, Fiji is separated from almost everywhere by the massive expanse of the Pacific Ocean and its sparse confetti of micro-states. Peripherality and economies of scale have been limiting factors in the development of the Pacific’s islands. Although the region’s major industry is tourism, for example, international air traffic tends to fly over rather than to it. In geographic terms it is a super-region, yet in human terms it is a minnow, often expressed as an after-thought (‘Asia-Pacific’) or as a marker to its more ‘important’ littoral neighbors (‘Pacific Rim’). Not surprisingly, place branding discourse on the region tends to be limited to obscure references in development assistance, ethnographic and environmental reportage.

Even under the best of circumstances, the challenges facing the formation of a region brand are immense. Marcus Andersen (2009), in his study of region branding in the Baltic Sea Region (BSR), identifies two major challenges: diversity “in terms of the multiple national identities and many potential stakeholders”, and the absence of a central decision-making authority. The BSR, he observes, lacks many of the prerequisites for building a brand, such as a political structure, common culture, common history, and linguistic affinity. The Pacific is no exception, yet in its case the challenges are amplified by the incoherence the region derives from the asymmetry of its geographic and human footprints. – Read on at The Public Diplomat


Bottling the Negativity: Fiji Water Brands Fiji

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Logo of Fiji Water (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In this post, Line 21 Project’s Nicholas Dynon takes a detour to tropical Fiji and asks what’s with all the negativity over the islands’ famous bottled water brand.

There is a widely acknowledged reciprocity in branding between product and place of origin. It’s called mutual image transference. In the case of New Zealand, the ‘100% pure’ brand both benefits—and benefits from—the reputation of key kiwi exports like infant milk formula. It’s a similar story in Fiji. A 2012 NZ Aid report, for instance, states that Fiji Water has done much to promote the brand of ‘Fiji’ globally, even if many of its consumers don’t even know where Fiji is.

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