Chinese soft power: more Huntington than Nye?

– See The Diplomat


4 thoughts on “Chinese soft power: more Huntington than Nye?

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  2. john brown

    Thank you for stating succinctly a key issue in the complex U.S.-China relationship. While I don’t quite see, a la Huntington, that a “clash of civilizations” will define our new century, your piece is important (in my view) in stressing that “soft power” may mean different things to different countries/entities — and be used for different purposes.

    1. Nicholas Dynon

      Hi John, many thanks for your comments. I agree with your position re civilizational clash and its place in the new century. That ‘soft power’ may – as you put it – be used for different purposes is something that I think gets overlooked in much of the soft power commentary. It warrants further research and analysis. Am an avid reader of the PDPBR!

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